Veneers help fix imperfections in your smile
By Santa Rosa Dental Care
January 13, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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The quality of your smile can have an impact on many areas of your life, including your career and social life. In fact, a survey by a research firm found that 73 percent of people are more likely to trust someone who has a nice smile. Also, a Penn State University study found that when you smile more, it makes you appear more likeable and competent. If you could use a smile makeover, dental veneers Veneerscan help fix the imperfections in your smile. Explore how the dentists at Santa Rosa Dental Care can give you a top rate smile in just a few conveniently scheduled appointments.

Restore Your Smile with Veneers
Some people think they have to wear braces for year or give up the chance of having a beautiful smile, but that’s not necessarily so. Veneers are a fast and effective way to restore your smile so you can feel confident about it. In fact, sometimes people who get braces get veneers anyway as a part of their treatment plan. They cover up undesirable spaces--damage to the enamel and protruding teeth that make you hesitant to smile.

What to Expect at the Appointment
At your first dental veneers appointment your Santa Rosa dentist will take X-Rays and examine the condition of your teeth. The teeth that would benefit from veneers (usually the first two to eight front teeth) must be healthy and rooted in viable bone tissue. After you're cleared for veneers, the next step is to remove some of the enamel from each tooth in the treatment plan so that each veneer can be securely installed. Expect to visit your Santa Rosa dentist at least two or three times to get dental veneers.

A Perfect Smile for 20 Years
Many patients are excited to learn that their new veneers can last for 20 years or longer if they’re properly cared for. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident about your smile for decades—especially when you consider the potential social and professional benefits? If you’re unhappy with your teeth, consider veneers as an investment in yourself.

Your First Veneers Appointment 
Getting a beautiful smile starts with just one consultation appointment with a dentist at Santa Rosa Dental Care. Call the office at (707) 921-1970 today to set up a date and time that’s convenient for you.