Keep a Healthier, Whiter Smile this Fall
By Santa Rosa Dental Care
September 25, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Teeth WhiteningWith refreshing treats and outdoor events being common temptations this season, it’s still important to consider how your smile factors in.
School may be back in session, but that doesn’t mean the temperature is dropping just yet! That means that you and your family can still enjoy all the wonders of summer—barbeques, beach vacations, and day camps. However, just because you’re still indulging in summer festivities, it doesn’t mean that your oral care should too. In fact, it’s just as important that you take care of your smile every day, no matter the season. Stick to these rules and you’ll have something to smile about.

Stay away from ice

As the temperature stays in the high 70’s or 80’s, it can be tempting to grab a handful of ice to chew on. However, chew on this! Ice might seem like a harmless way to cool down, but in fact, it can cause damage to your teeth. Ice has been known to cause dental cracks and fractures, which may not even be visible; however, over time, these fractures will only get worse. Next time, pop the ice in a glass and enjoy it with some refreshing water.

Enjoy fruits in moderation

If you’re looking to keep your pearly whites bright, then you need to watch what summery/fall snacks you’re eating. While strawberries and blueberries seem like they are just about perfect on every treat, berries can often stain your teeth. Fruits are healthy and definitely a preferred snack over some of those other sugar-laden summer treats; however, if you want to keep your teeth white, then limit your intake of dark fruits.

Put down those sugary snacks

It’s no surprise that the sugary treats can cause problems for your smile. Sure it’s okay to indulge now and again (we won’t blame you!), just don’t make a habit of this.

Teeth Whitening.Get a smile boost

If over-the-counter whitening products just aren’t cutting it, then it might be time to consider getting professional teeth whitening in Santa Rosa. In only an hour, you could walk out of the office with a visibly brighter smile. You don’t have to wait weeks for results and the procedure is completely non-invasive.

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