How to Care for Your New Teeth
By Santa Rosa Dental Care
May 06, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Dentures can benefit the approximately 178 million American adults who are missing one or more teeth. The American College of Prosthodontics says that of the 50 percent of people over the age of 55 who wear some type of denture, these artificial teeth last for years with good at-home care and in-office check-ups. In the Santa Rosa, CA area, new denture patients turn to Drs. Elliot, Greene and Lyu ofDentures Santa Rosa Dental Care.

The team at Santa Rosa Dental Care suggests several ways to take care of these wonderful prosthetics. Modern Santa Rosa dentures--whether full conventional, partial, immediate or supported by dental implants--restore excellent facial aesthetics and normalized chewing and speaking. They last for years with good at-home care and in-office check-ups with Drs. Elliott, Green and Lyu

How Dentures are Made

Your Santa Rosa dentist takes x-rays, other sophisticated imaging and oral impressions to formulate a treatment plan which gives the patient the best fit and function possible. All dentures are made of tooth- and pink-colored acrylic with partial appliances being mounted on a metal frame and secured to adjacent teeth with clasps.

Full immediate and conventional dentures are 100 percent acrylic and stay in place with the natural suction of the mouth. The dentist places immediate dentures right after tooth extraction. Implant-supported dentures are anchored by titanium screws surgically inserted right into the patient's jaw bone.

How to Care for New Dentures

Critical to success with dentures is good fit. The professional team at Santa Rosa Dental Care wants to see their denture patients for relines and refits as needed. As jaw bone and gums recede over time, denture fit changes and requires adjustment. Semi-annual check-ups and cleanings care for remaining teeth and also assess for sore spots, gum disease and oral cancer.

On a daily basis, individuals who wear dentures should:

  • Rinse their dentures after each meal and brush them, if possible, with an ADA-approved denture paste and soft-bristled denture brush
  • Protect the denture from breakage by placing a towel in the sink when brushing
  • Soak their appliances at night in an ADA-approved product to remove plaque
  • Keep the denture in a covered cup when not in use, preferably in water or denture soak so the appliance does not warp

Also, people who wear implant-supported dentures must keep the implant sites very clean, flossing, brushing and stimulating the gum tissue. Diligent oral hygiene at home avoids peri-implantitis, an infectious condition similar to gum disease. Peri-implantitis is one of the few conditions that can cause implant failure.

Contemplating Dentures?

If you are thinking about dentures or are new to wearing them, the dedicated staff at Santa Rosa Dental Care want your experience to be the best it can be. For more information, contact the office for a personal consultation today: (707) 921-1970.