Get a Whiter Smile This Holiday Season
By Santa Rosa Dental Care
December 22, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: teeth whitening  

Even if your holidays are busy, you can still get professional teeth whitening in Santa Rosa.

Nothing looks more glorious that a beautifully white set of teeth. Particularly with all the holiday parties and gatherings, you want your smile to look as great as you feel. Sure, steering clear of some of those holiday favorites can ensure that you don’t cause further dental stains, but if you truly want to get a whiter smile you should opt for teeth whitening in Santa Rosa. Don’t have enough time in your schedule to see your dentist this holiday season for professional teeth whitening? That’s OK. We also offer an at-home whitening system!Teeth Whitening

Q. What makes this whitening system different than commercial whitening products?

Our take-home whitening system uses a professional-grade bleaching gel that not only lifts stains but also changes the shade of your teeth. Commercial products can’t offer this same top-grade gel that your Santa Rosa dentist can. Plus, we create flexible dental trays that are molded to fit your teeth, which you also won’t be able to get from other drugstore whitening kits. Since these trays are made just for you, you can expect that the whitening gel will be able to reach all areas of your teeth more effectively.

Q. How do I use my at-home teeth whitening system in Santa Rosa?

You will first come in to our office to have impressions taken of your smile for us to then fabricate the two dental trays—one for your top teeth and the other for your bottom teeth. Once this is complete, you will fill each tray with the whitening gel we gave you and then put the trays over your teeth. You will wear these trays for about an hour each day.

Q. What is the difference between take-home whitening and your in-office teeth whitening in Santa Rosa?

The in-office teeth whitening does offer the fastest results and it only takes about 45 minutes to complete. During in-office whitening we will place a protective barrier over your gums to protect them from irritation. We will also use a retractor to keep your lips away from your teeth during the treatment. Then we will apply a highly concentrated bleaching gel to your teeth and use a laser to activate it.

You will notice results immediately with in-office whitening, while the take-home whitening system may take a few weeks to get the desired whiteness you want. If you want to get faster results with a little less work, then you may want to consider in-office teeth whitening in Santa Rosa.

Are you interested in showing off a dazzling set of teeth at your next holiday party? Then call your Santa Rosa dentist today and let us know you’re interested in teeth whitening.