Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Are you ready to find out why tooth-colored dental fillings could be the best option for you?tooth-colored fillings

While no one wants to think about cavities, sometimes this issue does rear its ugly head. In fact, a cavity is one of the most common dental issues, so chances are good that at some point in your lifetime you’ll be faced with one. But before you stress out, our Santa Rosa, CA, family dentists, Dr. Jeffrey Elliott and Dr. Luke Landeros, are here to tell you more about tooth-colored fillings and why they could be the perfect option.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Fillings are used to restore a tooth after decay or even a minor crack or fracture. While there are many different kinds of materials from which to choose when it comes to getting a dental filling from our Santa Rosa general dentist, we believe that having a natural-looking smile is so very important even if you need dental work. This is why we offer fillings that are designed to closely resemble the rest of your tooth.

What are the benefits of getting tooth-colored dental fillings?

You can probably guess some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy if you choose to get this type of dental filling. For one, you will get a dental restoration that no one will be able to tell that you even have. Once a tooth-colored filling is placed it will blend in with the rest of your tooth.

Getting a dental filling can also restore your tooth almost to its original strength prior to decay or damage. A tooth that is left untreated will only weaken, which will lead to more serious complications. Getting a filling is a simple and yet one of the most effective ways to treat a decaying or fractured tooth.

Since we won’t be using metal materials to fill your tooth we also don’t need to remove as much of your tooth’s natural enamel, preserving as much of your tooth’s healthy structure as possible is so very important to its integrity, function and strength.

Whether you have questions about dental fillings or you need to schedule your routine cleaning, the dental experts at Santa Rosa Dental Care in Santa Rosa, CA, can set you up with an appointment whenever you need it most. Give our office a call today.